Thursday, February 9, 2012

To hell in a handbasket

This week has not started off very well. I went to Aldis to put an application for cashier; they were all out. Then We went to Lowes to get a switch for the light so I have some proper lightning to do jewelry making but I am waiting on shipments from across the ocean of beads to start making some jewelry. I love buying from overseas because the prices are cheaper then here in the states. Plus you find some very unique items.

As far as my eating it goes down the drain this week. I have had pizza and not just alittle but alot. Next week I will do better because I just will. Had some polenta this morning very good but alot of calories in it. I like putting alittle bit of butter and honey in it; it kinda reminds of cream of wheat. I think I am may do some cleaning and arranging of the desk today because it starts to look over crowded.

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