Monday, April 23, 2012

Feeling fully positive for the first time in years

I have to say that I feel totally positive that my life is going to be going down a more postive route now. Don't get me wrong there are days that will be total chaos but I am so looking forward to more positive things in my life.I got a job, had my orientation on Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday I have computerized training then on friday I finally start as overnight stocker in dry foods.The thing about it is I am super excited and super positive things are going to start looking up in my life.

The first thing I am going to do is is purchase head gear for my CPAP machine and save the rest of the money so we can get a car.Getting a car is a major deal for us; it will open opportunities for home searching.This means no stress from living with my brother in law anymore.Can I get a hip hip hooray!!!!I so need my own space and time with my husband.

As for my weightloss I have no clue right now.I have not weighedmyself in a couple of weeks and I am alright with that.This week is TOM so there is no chance of me weighing in.But I don't feel huge and I am doing ok with my eating.Now that I have a job I will be doing more walking and standing on my feet.So thats bound to help with losing the weight.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Well I am officially an employee of Walmart again.I will be doing overnight stocking this time around.This means I will be sleeping during the day and working at night.This doesn't bother me because its a job and I need it. I am hoping the people there are really nice and hope to make a couple of friends.

This opens avenues for both me and the hubby.First things first save for a car.With having a car it opens opportunity and areas up to move.Yes you heard me right; a couple months down the road you will hear me say that we are moving.This means less stress for me because my brother in law won't be able to antagonize me.YAY!!!!

With having a car I can go back to Maryland and visit my family and friends.Thats just exciting all in itself for me.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

TODAY is wonderful

Well I woke up this morning planning on having my husbands and I's picture done but we discussed it alittle more and decided we want an outside picture done. This was figured out after I got all dressed and prettyified. So when May comes along and the weather is just right we are going to go to the metroparks duck pond and have our pictures taken.I will be sure to post it when we get it.
On another good note I weighed myself and i lost here it comes a whopping 6 lbs. This means I am back under 300lbs and going strong.I still have to make changes to my diet but I am so happy I lost that. That means I have a short goal of losing 14 more lbs to be back at where I was before Thanksgiving. I am excited and totally motivated if only the weather would cooperate I would be set.
As for my jewelry making I have sold 3 bracelets and 2 anklets. Its going very slow but I think as we head into the summertime people will buy my anklets more because they will be wearing flipflops and sandals. Honestly nothing looks better with great pair of sandals as a pretty anklet.