Tuesday, June 26, 2012

July 1st

My husband and I have decided to start a juicing fast on the 1st. I am hoping that it will help kick start my weight loss again. I have been eating pretty well except the late night munchies. I am hoping from what I have read it will help me physically, mentally, and emotionally. So trying to find a job is being put on hold so that I can focus on my metal stability right now. I am just not doing so well especially with not taking my medicine right and a really bad side affect to that is having sucicidal thoughts. Yup I was having them and i didn't like it so i have been very adamit about taking my medicine right. But that doesn't take my stress away.The stress is still there and very real. So no worries!!! I am looking for a therapist to help me deal with whats going on in my life until I can change it.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday is just Monday

Well here I am still trying to lose weight, not working again, and feeling totally like shit.I have to say though I have not put back to much weight on my body.Me and the hubby are starting to watch what we are eating again.So hopefully my weight will start to come off again.I am at 307 so it could be worse.
Last thing yall heard from me was that my rabbit passed and that my job was great.Yeah it was till I started having chest pains.Then it downhill. But needless to say I still stressed even from not working.My husband and I are talking about buying a yurt and building and living in it until we get me back to work.

I can't continue to live with my brother in law, you thought it was bad earlier now its even worse. Not only am i biting my tongue but i feel as though I am going mad.I am just waiting for a tea party and for alice to show up now.

Gertie if you are out there drop me aline to lend me some words of encouragement. Anyone can lend words if they like. Someone tell me my life will change very soon if i keep my mind set to what i want. Help!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

so confused

well I am not working at walmart at the present time because of my heart condition.  I wish they would put me in a position like cashiering where I don't have to lift, push, or pull anything. Doctors orders state that I should not do any of that. It has to be 30 lbs or less. So I think being let go because of chest pains and being unable to do overnight stocker would be cause for a law suit maybe. I don't know. I am doing very well with my jewelry making.I got a big order from my best friend. She ordered 4 breast cancer awareness bracelets, one 3 strand bracelet and 3 necklaces for nieces wedding. I have ventured into chain maille necklaces and made a beautiful one for my mom's friend.

As for my weightloss HAHAHA!