Tuesday, June 26, 2012

July 1st

My husband and I have decided to start a juicing fast on the 1st. I am hoping that it will help kick start my weight loss again. I have been eating pretty well except the late night munchies. I am hoping from what I have read it will help me physically, mentally, and emotionally. So trying to find a job is being put on hold so that I can focus on my metal stability right now. I am just not doing so well especially with not taking my medicine right and a really bad side affect to that is having sucicidal thoughts. Yup I was having them and i didn't like it so i have been very adamit about taking my medicine right. But that doesn't take my stress away.The stress is still there and very real. So no worries!!! I am looking for a therapist to help me deal with whats going on in my life until I can change it.

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