Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bunny FUFU passed away

Tuesday morning between 1am - 2am my sweet bunny fufu passed away while i was at work. I am totally devastated. I feel like a piece of my heart died with him. We buried him after i got home from work and i just bawled my eyes out till I exhausted myself. SO I am doing pretty good with my job even dealing with the nosy trouble making busy bodies. I like it and some of the people are absolutely great to work with. My managers are all great unlike the one I had at my previous job.

My jewelry making has come to a slow stop because I have no time to do it because I sleep all day and I am at work until 7 am. I am thinking that once i finally gotten use to this shift thinmgs will be back to order.

I have no clue how my weight loss is doing but i did fit into a size 2x shirt the other day. one year and half ago I was in a 4x so i must be doing something right.