Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How to change

Everyone has to change eventually in their lives. Be that you have to move, lose weight, get a job, change a job, or all together find ways to your happiness. I live with my brother in law Scott with my husband. My BIL is very difficult person to live with but I love him. I just don't like him right now. Between me and my husband we cook, clean, and buy groceries for everyone in the household. BIL does nada, zip , zilch, nothing. This is very stressful on my part because I am a woman and we like everything our way. My way is kinda sorta the husbands way too. We like our place to be clean, we like to be clean, etc.....

Its just starting to be to much and with the added stress comes heart problems. I have been having chest pains but they are not a severe chest pain. Its scary because I don't know if I am having a heart attack. Sometimes I am so stressed I get heartburn so that can lead to chest pains. I also have asthma so that causes tight chest symptoms. So what do I do to get rid of the added stress; I complain everyday allday to whomever will listen. Its tiring so now the complaining is stressing me out. I don't want to complain anymore. I want to find a job even though this economy sucks and love it because it will get me the things I need to have a healthier stressless life.

Anyway thats my bitch and grip for the day. Take it or leave it.


  1. I love it! Best of luck in the job search :) Remember I'm here for you

  2. Anxiety can also cause chest pain. I think if you are able, finding a job is an excellent idea! Good luck. :)
    Alana Jo from 3FC.