Saturday, February 18, 2012

Feeling Sad

I am waiting to hear from Walmart about whether I got the job or not. In the meantime its driving me crazy all this waiting. It makes me think that I didn't get it. I put an application in to Kmart yesterday and I am hoping they call me for interview soon.

As for my weightloss its not going so good so from going into a deep depression I am not going to weigh myself for about a month or so. If I were to tell you what my weight is now I would totally be embarrassed. That will only make me fell more like a failure. So I will continue to count calories and watch what I am eating and try to get some exercise in but no scale for now. I need a break from numbers. I am even thinking of having my husband do bills this month because my brain cells are fried.

Don';t worry just send a prayer light some candles or incense for me. And hope that I can get back on this bad wagon.


  1. Dont beat yourself up. If it was so easy.. everyone in this planet will not have a weight problem. We all fall off the wagon once or even more times than we can remember. It's okay.
    We can even feel bad about it, but only for 5 minutes. We dust ourselves, get back into it, and not take orders from chocolate cakes because we're better than that.

  2. You can do this! Like Gertie said.. don't give up. Just get right back in the saddle and keep on riding.