Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Baby Boy

As I sit here I wonder where I would be without my baby boy. WHen getting up in early in the morning while everyone is still sound sleep I sit in the living room by myself until I here the creak of the bedroom door opening. Baby boy has decided that its mommy time and comes out looks at me with his chestnut colored eyes as to say good morning mommy how are you feeeling today? He goes to the couch climbs in his spot lays there with his huge eyes planted on me. So for about an hour I have baby boy all to myself and I never feel as calm as I do in the we early morning with baby boy. Baby boy is very spoiled and I have to say I have my hand is some of that.But he is more spoiled by his daddy then he is by me.
There are some days that he doesn't even bother with me but to open the bedroom door as to say look at me and are you alright mommy? I try to get as much time with him as possible because once daddy is around its DADDYTIME!!!
We raised him to be a good boy and there are days he just won't mind. But then you feel bad for scolding him because he is not minding.What I love the most is when he crawls up on the bed with me and comes and lays his head on my leg as to say here I am. Its very soothing at times and very calming when baby boy does this. He likes to play chase and howls on cue. if you haven't figured out who baby boy is by now he is my dog bullet. I love him so and would love to have a big house with a big yard for him but finacially thats not possible at this time. So he goes alittle stir crazy and chases his tail and gets in the puppy bow. There are times he makes me laugh and then there are times he drives me absolutely bonkers but I wouldn't have it any other way.I can't go to sleep at night unless daddy is playing with making him bark. His bark at times can be annoying but most of the time especially at bedtime its very calming. lol
Again as I said in the beginning I don't know what I would do with out my baby boy.

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  1. Dogs are awesome. I'm the same way with my daisy. She seems to understands completely what's going on with me when everyone else doesn't. :)

    I hope you're having a good week Lynn.